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On a mission to double the life cycle of child car seats

Is your child's car seat as safe as you think?

A car seat is just like a helmet. Invisible hairline fractures from a car accident or simply from a drop to the ground can compromise even the safest seat.

Tillit - Making every child car seat safer
50% of the product's full potential often goes to waste

Doubts on a car seat's integrity have led to dysfunctional second-hand markets widely discouraged and where car seats instead end up in landfills after only a few years of use.

With over 34 million child car seats produced every year, this is a colossal waste but also an enormous opportunity!

Tillit reshapes the life cycle and turns waste into profit

Leveraging on the possibilities of IoT, we bring transparency of the seat’s integrity and advance the product’s full value and potential.

Now selling and buying second-hand car seats have never been more safe and convenient.

Tillit - Make it better: reduce, reuse, recycle

Together, we can reduce emission and eliminate waste by half

With Tillit, families can now maximize the use of their car seats by exchanging their seats with us. If eligible, the car seat will be auctioned on our second-hand market site and have a second life with another owner. A win-win for the customer and the planet.

Customers buy the car seat of their choice from participating high-end brands and ask for the seat to be equipped with a Tillit sensor.

When the customers get their seat, they register a free account and connect their phone with the sensor.

They can now check the integrity of their child car seat whenever they want. Tillit sensor will tell them if their seat has experienced g-forces that could have damaged the seat.

Tillit - a sensor to track the integrity of a child car seat

When their child outgrows the seat and they don’t need it anymore, they let us know and we’ll arrange a collection of the seat.

Customers just sit back and relax. Tillit will have the seat inspected, cleaned and auctioned out via our second-hand market site. When the seat is sold, we’ll wire the customer the sales proceeds (less operation cost).

A small step towards bigger leaps and bigger wins for the environment.
Tillit's first step to transform the child car seat industry towards the principles of circular economy.
Tillit - Collaborate with us
All it takes is one. Get invovled.

Launch in Sweden is targeted for Q3 2022.

All it takes is one. Get invovled.

Launch in Sweden is targeted for Q1 2023.

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